The MINT Program

The MINT Program

Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program is a Community Corrections Center that is contracted under the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  The program is overseen by Baltimore Residential Reentry Office; the facility houses federal female inmates that are pregnant or recently delivered.

The MINT Program, Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together, assists pregnant federal offenders making a transition from pregnancy to motherhood.  Pregnant inmates are transferred to our facility from their parent institution in the last trimester of pregnancy.

The inmate may stay for a period of time up to twelve months at our facility with their infant.  The inmate is then returned to their parent institution, release to a halfway house, or sent home depending on their sentence.   The intent is to effectively promote maternal bonding and parenting skills in a “home like environment”.

Our facility is located in the Appalachian Mountains in Pocahontas County near the small town of Hillsboro, WV.  This program has been in place for over nineteen years with round the clock staffing.  Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program requires high standards of staff integrity, safety, security, sanitation, and discipline, which promotes a physical and emotionally sound environment for both the inmate and their infant.

Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program is a twenty bed facility.  There is a community kitchen, recreation room, education room, physical training area, laundry facilities, and phone room.  Offenders are provided with a private bedroom and share a bathroom with the adjacent room.

Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program has provided services since 1993, through the MINT Program, it has provided services for hundreds of inmates and infants in the twenty three years since the facility has opened.  It is our goal that through our program, mother and infant bonding will occur, and encourage a mother’s desire to provide a stable home environment, free of drugs and other negative stimuli.   Their desire to succeed in the outside world and provide a stable environment for their child increases.  Through our reentry programs, we encourage the offenders to develop values and morals.

Reentry and Life Skills classes offered:

  • 99 Days and A Get Up
  • Transition Skills
  • Getting It Right
  • Money Management
  • Parenting Inside Out
  • Cage Your Rage
  • GED Class
  • Parenting Skills
  • Single Parenting
  • Lamaze
  • Smart Money
  • West Virginia Birth to Three
  • Right from the Start

Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program has in-depth drug and alcohol, and mental/behavioral health counseling for offenders to include group and individual counseling.  All offenders at Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program are subject to breathalyzer and urine drug testing throughout their stay at the facility.

Contractor Evaluation U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ)

A required periodic Program Evaluation through the USDOJ provides insight and information about the Accountability and purpose and structure of the program and the real life accomplishments of the Program.


Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program has performed very good  in the area of inmate accountability.  Offenders participating in the MINT Program at the Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program are on temporary furlough status from their parent institution while participating in the program.  The MINT Program does not authorize unescorted trips, day or overnight pass privileges, therefore, offenders are escorted by staff at all times when departing the facility grounds.  This includes escorted trips to all medical appointments, trips to the Department of Health and Human Resources, WIC, and shopping at local retailers to obtain supplies for themselves and their infants.  Escorted trips are conducted during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Exceptions to this rule are for emergency medical trips when a infant is being delivered or any other non-scheduled medical emergencies during other than normal business hours.  During the time of child birth the offenders are left unsupervised on medical furlough status until they are released from the hospital with the infant.  Staff monitors offenders during the furlough to deliver their infant with each shift calling to check in on the new mother and infant.

Sign In/Sign Out logs are used for all visitors, volunteers, and contracted maintenance workers.  Hourly facility checks are done to monitor each room in the facility, offenders and infants are accounted for on each shift, and three times per night.


Offenders at the Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program are transferred there for the purpose of giving birth to their child and developing necessary life skills, to assist them with raising and caring for their child.  The life skill programs at the Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program go above and beyond the expectations of the Bureau of Prisons.  The offenders at the MINT have mandatory life skill classes which include pre and post partum classes, Parenting Classes, Early Intervention programming, daily physical fitness classes for both the mother and the child, pre-release classes, job readiness classes, financial management, and drug and alcohol counseling.  All offenders arriving at the MINT program, who have not obtained their GED or high school diploma, are required to participate in mandatory GED classes and testing, which are done on site at the facility.  Staff works with offenders to assist them establishing release plans and family care plans for when they return to their parent institution.  Due to the structure of the MINT, offenders are not required to seek employment, however, some offenders release through Residential Re-entry Centers in their local community, which will provide them the opportunity to seek employment.

The MINT offers in-houses substance abuse counseling and mental health counseling, along with being able to see a psychiatrist on site.  All mental health counseling is conducted through Transitional Services offered from the Bureau of Prisons by a licensed psychologist.  All offenders with a history of drug and alcohol abuse are required to participate in drug and alcohol counseling weekly.

All offenders in the MINT are tested for drug and alcohol use weekly.

The offenders visiting program allows offenders to have weekly visitation from family and friends.  All visitors are properly screened before being allowed to enter the facility.

Community Relations

Greenbrier Birthing Center MINT Program has a strong working relationship with community officials in neighboring Pocahontas and Greenbrier Counties.  The MINT has a large network of community resources from local church groups, and community organizations which often assist at the facility providing maintenance for the center, providing clothing and other necessities that are needed.

Site Validity and Suitability

Greenbrier Birthing Center is co-located on the grounds of the Denmar Correctional Facility.  The facility is in compliance with all zoning and occupancy laws.