About Us

The Greenbrier MINT Program is a Community Corrections Center that is contracted through the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  The program is overseen by Baltimore Residential Reentry Office.

The MINT Program, Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together, assists pregnant federal offenders making a transition from pregnancy to motherhood.  The offender may stay for a period of time up to twelve months.  The intent is to effectively promote maternal bonding and parenting skills in a “home like environment”.

Our facility is located in the Appalachian Mountains in Pocahontas County near the small town of Hillsboro, WV.  This program has been in place for over twenty-three years with round the clock staffing.  The Greenbrier MINT Program requires high standards of staff integrity, safety, security, sanitation, and discipline, which promotes a physical and emotionally sound environment for both staff and offender.  Our employees are firm but fair, humane but careful, in their interaction with offenders.

The Greenbrier MINT Program has provided services since 1993, through the Federal Bureau of Prisons, serving over 410 female inmates and their infants in the past twenty three years since the facility has opened.

It is our goal that through our program, mother and infant bonding will occur, and encourage a mother’s desire to provide a stable home environment, free of drugs and other negative stimuli.  While here at our center, with one on one contact and full time responsibility, female offenders are able to see what full time parenting and responsibility really is.  Their desire to succeed in the outside world and provide a stable environment for their child increases.  Through our reentry programs, we encourage the offenders to develop values and morals.

The offender may stay for a period of time up to twelve months at our facility with their infant.  Depending on their sentence the offender is then returned to their parent institution, released to a halfway house, or home.  Judges and Correctional authorities may use this program in evaluating how goals can be set to accomplish health and correctional care for pre-natal and post-natal female offenders who are evaluated as pregnant in the Federal Correctional System. It is our opinion after years of providing these services that through a period of time this setting is an opportunity to help with rehabilitation and reentry efforts.