About GBC Founders

About the Visionary Founders

The dossier of the founder of this program, James R Clowser (now deceased), was replete with a working career that included several years with the WV Department of Rehabilitation, followed by a WV Department of Mental Health career in administering programs for seven mental health state facilities and a series of community mental health facilities at which time he reported to the Governor of the State of West Virginia. Among the programs included alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation.  With the knowledge gained in his career of accountability and a care-driven background, he developed a series of nursing homes and managed them for a number of years before settling on a personal vision of opportunity written as the MINT Program.   Mr. James R Clowser, an accomplished rehabilitation entrepreneur  had the foresight and vision to put together a program t like no other in West Virginia, as well as the nation at that time. He and his wife, Shirley, worked for more than a year developing this opportunity that started in 1994 in the foothills of Pocahontas County.